dog-691641_640Cancer is scary. It affects people from all backgrounds. It even affects our pets.

The number one concern cited by may owners of pets greater than six years of age is cancer, and understandably so. Cancer can strike almost any organ in the body, and each type goes along with a completely different prognosis and treatment method.

The most common types of cancer in people are not the most common in pets. In fact, pets are pretty different – this is why you won’t hear us recommending a colonoscopy for Rex. Here is a comparison of the types of cancer commonly found in pets and the most common types found in humans:

Whenever cancer is a concern, owners want to know what sorts of things to watch for in their pets. Here is a list of symptoms to watch for in your pets. These signs may be indications of a significant health problem in your pet, cancer or otherwise..

Remember, one of the BEST things that you can do for your pet is schedule regular wellness exams. Bloodwork, urine analysis, imaging, and physical exams can help ensure that any problems that your pet may have are caught early and are dealt with appropriately.