CO2 Laser

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Carbon dioxide laser is a faster, cleaner, less painful way of performing surgeries.

What are some of the main benefits of utilizing a CO2 laser during surgeries?

Decreased bleeding
A normal scalpel blade simply cuts through tissue. A laser ablates the tissue as it cuts, sealing small blood vessels in the tissue. This greatly reduces bleeding during surgeries.

Less post-surgical pain
The laser ablates tissue as it cuts, leading to reduced inflammation, edema, and pain.

Decreased risk of infection
The laser kills bacteria in its path, sterilizing the incision as it is made.

Faster surgery and recovery time
Surgeries go faster with the precision and agility of the laser. It’s easier to see the surgical field and bleeding is controlled.

Increased surgical precision
There are a variety of power settings to control the depth and amount of tissue being cut. There are also a variety of tips that allow the focal size to be adjusted.

What surgeries can be performed using the CO2 laser?
Most surgeries that we perform at Hunters Glen will utilize the CO2 laser at some point. It reduces the amount of bleeding during spays and neuters. It can also be used for gastronomies, cystotomies, foreign body surgeries, cruciate repair surgeries, mass removals, and many more.

Are there any increased risks with laser surgery?
In the hands of a skilled surgeon, there are no significant risks with laser surgery vs. traditional surgery.


Veterinarian Dr. Carley performing a mass removal surgery using the CO2 laser