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An ultrasound is a live image of what’s going on inside your pet.

For people, ultrasound exams are most commonly associated with pregnancy. However, ultrasound is frequently used in animals as a safe and effective diagnostic tool for a wide variety of conditions. Ultrasound may be used to:

  • Check for stones in the kidneys and bladder
  • Determine if organ locations and sizes are normal
  • Check for lesions or abnormalities in the spleen, liver, or pancreas
  • Help determine location of some foreign bodies
  • Allow for easier collection of urine via cystocentesis
  • Locate ideal spots for biopsy and guide needle during biopsy
  • Evaluate internal lymph nodes for possible enlargement

In addition, ultrasound can be used to perform an echocardiograph. This is a thorough evaluation of the heart and heart valves that involves many specific measurements. These measurements can be used to evaluate for the presence and severity of specific heart diseases and conditions.