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Vaccines protect your pet from contagious and deadly diseases.

Vaccinations are perhaps the simplest way to keep your pets healthy from the very beginning.

Vaccines provide your pet the opportunity to build an immune response to a virus or disease that it may come into contact with later in its life. Because of this immune response, the pet is prepared to battle off infection when it later comes into contact with the virus in the environment or from contact with other pets.

What vaccinations does my pet need?

Pets will need different vaccines based on their:

  • age
  • location
  • species
  • exposure
  • lifestyle

Here at Hunters Glen, we take all of these things into account and come up with a plan that will protect your pet without giving any unnecessary vaccines. It is crucial for kittens and puppies to receive several boosters of their initial vaccines in order to assure that they are fully protected. However, older pets may not require as many vaccinations, or they may not need to be given as frequently.

What other options do I have in my older pet?

Once your pet has been vaccinated at least two years consecutively, it is an option to instead run titers on your pet. Blood titer testing will help determine if your pet is sufficiently vaccinated. This is an alternative to yearly vaccines, but it still ensures that your pet is protected.